2016 Endorsements

Regina Barr, Housing First EndorsedBuilders Association of the Twin Cities’ Housing First PAC

The Builders Association of the Twin Cities’ Housing First PAC represents the endorsement of over 1,000 homebuilding, remodeling, and related businesses. They endorse candidates with a commitment to a thriving housing market that brings Minnesotans save, smart, and durable homes at prices that homeowners can afford. Regina is proud to be recognized as the candidate with a commitment to balancing regulations with common sense solutions. She is dedicated to improving the housing market for the citizens of District 52B.


chamber of commerceDakota County Regional Chamber

The Dakota County Chamber PAC endorses candidates with a commitment to job creation, business retention, and fiscal responsibility, among many other issues important to businesses and job creators in Dakota County. Regina’s past work with businesses facing problems in the Dakota County area highlights her commitment to those issues and she is proud to be recognized as the pro-business candidate for District 52B.


mn_chamberMN Chamber Leadership PAC Endorsement

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC endorses pro-business candidates with a commitment to improving Minnesota’s economic and business climate. Regina is proud to be recognized for her past work in improving Minnesota businesses and her continued commitment to making Minnesota the best economic and business state it can be.


pioneer_pressPioneer Press

The Pioneer Press has endorsed Regina because she understands the problems facing families today, and values education as integral to success. They also recognized that her “common-sense, small-business-owner’s approach based on building relationships, asking good questions and listening” will serve her well as the Representative for District 52B. Regina appreciates the endorsement of the Pioneer Press and is proud to be recognized as a candidate who will bring common sense and relationship building skills to the legislature.


star tribune

Star Tribune

The Star Tribune endorsed Regina because she “combines extensive business and entrepreneurial experience with the common touch that one acquires by working one’s way through college as the daughter of a single mother”. They also recognized that she is a great communicator and seeks to work with both sides to get things done. Regina is grateful for the endorsement of the Star Tribune and appreciates their recognition of her efforts on behalf of both employers seeking less burdensome regulations and employees seeking affordable childcare and improvements in transportation.


south_eastSoutheast Metro Business PAC

The Southeast Metro Business PAC endorses candidates who are accessible and in tune with issues important to the job creators in the southeast metro area, such as economic development, transportation funding, taxes, and budgets. Regina is glad to have the support of the Southeast Metro Business PAC in her efforts to win District 52B and attract more businesses and good paying jobs to the southeast metro area.