The Issues

Respect for Taxpayers

Every family knows the importance of spending wisely and balancing budgets. State government should respect the taxpayer and fund the programs that work and eliminate the ones that don’t. In asking hard-working Minnesotans to pay for essential services and programs, the state has a responsibility to ensure that taxpayers are getting value in exchange for their money. As a legislator, I will work to bring efficiency and effectiveness to government and eliminate wasteful spending.

Growing Jobs and Opportunity

Quality of life for all Minnesotans is dependent upon a thriving economy where workers can obtain good paying jobs to support themselves and their families. As a small business owner, I know firsthand the roadblocks facing job creators in Minnesota. I am dedicated to a business environment that encourages job growth, getting rid of bureaucratic red-tape and barriers that make it hard to do business in our state. Many in our community continue to struggle financially and are underemployed or have left the workforce altogether. A stronger business environment will create the jobs that help the members of our community and their families succeed.

Innovative Education

Children are our state’s most precious resource. My education helped prepare me to pursue my life and career goals and I want all children today to have the same opportunity to reach their full potential. I believe education is more than just test scores and money. We need to reduce bureaucracy in education and allow our teachers the freedom to use new resources, as well as their skills and talents, to encourage learning in all children. We also need to ensure all parents are able to choose the best kind of education for their child. The world and the economy are changing at a rapid pace and we owe it to our children to give them the tools they need to be work force ready when they leave school.

Efficient and Effective Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the biggest issues facing families today. The current MNsure system is unworkable and ineffective, people are losing their doctors and their preferred plans, and costs just keep going up. I believe we need to bring marketplace competition to Minnesota’s healthcare landscape and reform healthcare in a way that doesn’t block citizens’ access to Minnesota’s great doctors and hospitals. We need to work together to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare in Minnesota.

Town Square Candidate Forum