Broderick Boulevard Project

Secured $1 million in funding to improve Broderick Boulevard in Inver Grove Heights 

Argenta Trail Realignment

Secured $6.1 million for a grant to the city of Inver Grove Heights to redesign and construct the realignment of Argenta Trail in Inver Grove Heights

Closing the “Secretary Loophole”

Authored a bill to close the so-called “secretary loophole” that previously allowed for the non-consensual touching of someone’s buttocks in the workplace, making this behavior a criminal offense.

Enerkem Project

Secured funding for a grant to expand existing publicly-owned wastewater infrastructure, which helped Inver Grove Heights attract a $200 million private-sector investment that will redirect wastewater out of the Mississippi to a new facility for cutting-edge industrial reclamation use.

 SMART Center

Secured funding for the SMART Center in Inver Grove Heights, a first of its kind training facility in the state of Minnesota to ensure law enforcement and first responders are trained and equipped to safely deal with mental health and substance abuse crises.

Middle Class Tax Relief

Provided nearly $650 million in tax relief — including relief for seniors on social security, college graduates with student loan debt, and property tax relief for farmers and Minnesota businesses.

 School Safety Grant Funding

Secured a total of $171,000 in funding for school safety grants for Pine Bend and Simley, and $28,650 for Oak Ridge Elementary School of Leadership and Environmental and Health Studies.

School Per Pupil Funding Increase

Secured a 2% per pupil increase, resulting in school districts in 52B receiving a $15.3 million increase in funding over the next two years.


Guardian of Small Business Award
– Minnesota National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Housing Leadership Award
– Housing First Minnesota