The Issues

Respect for Taxpayers

Minnesotans expect good value for their hard-earned tax dollars. During my first term, I opposed wasteful spending and supported a provision that ended golden parachutes for highly-paid commissioners who were receiving taxpayer-funded severance packages. Working together, the legislature passed into law the largest tax cut in nearly twenty years, putting more money back in the pockets of middle-class families. Our bill reduced or eliminated social security taxes for thousands of seniors, provided a $500 student loan credit, and expanded the child and dependent care credit.

Growing Jobs and Opportunity

While our unemployment rate is near all-time lows, too many Minnesotans still aren’t seeing stronger paychecks. As a small business owner, I know firsthand the struggles our Main Street businesses face, and what it will take to grow jobs and paychecks in our state. I am dedicated to building a business environment that encourages job growth and getting rid of bureaucratic red-tape that makes it harder to do business in our state.

Lowering Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is one of the biggest issues facing families today. Premiums and deductibles are too expensive and make health care unaffordable for too many Minnesotans. Thankfully, reforms passed by the legislature are already helping to lower health care costs on the individual market and expand the number of plan options for thousands of Minnesotans. While there’s still more work to do, it’s clear that Minnesota can once again be a nation-leader in health care.

Strong Schools

Children are our state’s most precious resource. My education helped prepare me to pursue my life and career goals and I want all children today to have the same opportunity to reach their full potential. I am committed to ensuring our schools have the resources and flexibility they need to provide an excellent education to every child. Over the past two years, I proudly supported more than $500 million in new funding for schools, and reforms that help schools keep the best teachers in the classroom.